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I've spent the last ten years studying photgraphy. I use various camera bodies, lenses, apertures, shutter speeds, and invest time understanding light, indoors, outside, and inbetween the cracks. After years of shooting instinctively and studing the greats like: Leibovitz, Avendon, Adams, Winogrand, Arbus and Henri Cartier-Bresson. I realized I needed hands on teaching and took a workshop with Harvey Stein. It was then I  stumbled upon a passion – up close and personal street portraits. After that it became macro, nuetral density filters and shooting at night. I haven't pigeon-holed myself, because I'm framing shots all the time, even in my dreams.


I consider myself a life long art student, or at least a sponge for all things creative. The learning and growing never ends.


I graduated from Pratt Inst. of Art in 83', where I studied commercial art and photography, majoring in illustration. 


After 25 years in Advertising , working my way up to Group Creative Director, I retired. While the work was stimulating, I never enjoyed "the establishment" and lamented as great concepts got watered down. Thanks to my life partner, I was able to quit the rat race, which has freed my soul and given me tremendous happiness.



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WHEN: 02/2/2017 Photo of the Day 

"Gotta Love That Face"








“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” – Annie Leibovitz




WHEN: 12/11/14 - 12/31/14
Griffin Museum

67 Shore Rd., Winchester, MA, 01890, (781) 729-1158
NOTE: Group show from the Harvey Stein Workshop


WHEN: 7/3/2014
Street Life 2014

By Cindy Higby

Hard copy

eBook here



WHEN: 7/22/15
Best of Photography 2015

"Man and his dog"

Best of Photography 2015 Book



WHEN: 6/25/14
KERA Art and Seek - Photo of the Week

"Riding the Spinny Thing"

WHEN: 5/15/14 Photo of the Day 

"Art students up close - studying the brush strokes"

WHEN: 4/28/14 Photo of the Day 

"Book Depository"

WHEN: 4/4/14 - Photo of the Week

"Bluff Point"



WHEN: 8/15/11 - Photo of the Week

"Fishing Hole at Sunrise"



WHEN: 10/19/14 Photo of the Day 

"Get'n a good look at Big Tex"



WHEN: 12/2/14
KERA Art and Seek - Photo of the Week

"Self Portrait in Water"



WHEN: 7/28/15

KERA Art and Seek - Photo of the Week


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