I never know where my inspiration will come from, although there are things I do to to encourage it. When all else fails I grab my camera and head into the city. I seek out events, the very thing I used to loathe, big crowds. I'm not a participant in the event, as much as a voyeur, content to swim the sidelines observing and waiting for that special moment.

Inspiration reliably gurgles up as I scan strange faces and take in the energy. This past shoot, on the Continental bridge at the Father's Day brunch and gospel choir event, I didn't think I captured anything of value although I felt inspired, only to come home and find I'd captured quite a few successful images. And there is a new inspiration! To put myself out there, even if I don't think I'm getting much and see what develops.

My fall back for stirring the pot of ispiration is to look at the work of others. I follow a couple hundred cool photographers on Flikr. It's a source of unending fascination to see people from around the globe and what they snap. The diversity in style, locations, and post processing is the best school for any budding photographer. I forget what life was like B.F. (Before Flikr).

So, grab your camera, leave your house, go anywhere, and just start shooting. As they say, "when in doubt, just take the picture."

You can follow me on Flikr at

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