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Street Life 2014 by Cindy Higby

Here’s my first photography book, self published at Blurb. $1.99. I won’t get rich, but your coffee table will become a lot more interesting if you get yourself a copy.

"Higby shoots beneath the surface of street life to reveal people caught up in daily life, often trapped by their circumstances, ill-served by the politics of the times, and rendered mute by a rapidly expanding culture of technological consumption. Higby also captures urban neighborhoods in transition, showing forward thinking, and snaps images of the beauty that lies in the simplicity. It's not just her subjects that pull you in, but her seemingly intuitive, immediate, up close and intimate style, as well as her method of brilliantly linking her photographs together that make this book provocative. Like an ode to the times we live in (the twenty first century), this book is as powerful and and moving tribute.

Purchase hard copy here.

You can puchase an ebook copy here for $1.99


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